November 16, 2011

Hey It's Brookyln!

I thought I'd share a few reflections on life as a Brooklynite. We are re-signing our lease for the loft this week and will be committing to 2 more years. With this decision comes mixed feelings, not only because our recent trip to San Francisco had us dreaming of a life there, but also because living in this loft has it's pros and cons. I won't drone on the details, instead will focus on the positive feelings that come with staying here. In Brooklyn.

Part of my affection towards this borough stems from how easy it is to get most places. Via bike (my favorite), subway, or the jeep, it's a central enough spot, and seems to have a never ending view of the Manhattan skyline. The people here tend to take biking seriously, so there have been plenty of efforts to add greenways and protected bike paths with more in the works. Quite a contrast to relying on a vehicle to transport me around in California.

It has some of my favorite spots to hang out in DUMBO, Park Slope, Ft. Greene, Williamsburg, Red Hook, and Greenpoint which have unique shops, cafes, boutiques, people, parks and neighborhoods that are the perfect environment for the exploratory side of my personality to get lost, wonder, and dream. There is still so much to explore here, and this my friends, is what excites me the most.

It's a foodies haven. Oh yeah. So far, the best culinary creations have been in Brooklyn's smaller, slightly hidden gems. Astoria and other parts of Queens have had some luscious places too. I love the general vibe of creativity that floats in the air here and the energy of the city. The transitions of real seasons is a beautiful thing to witness. This was my second fall season living in New York and definitely my favorite. I can't help but feel like it's a new beginning when I see the rebirth of trees, decorated in vibrant greens, yellows and reds. This has been an incredible first year.

On that note, I wanted to share a few shots I have taken around and about Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Bridge Park


View from DUMBO

Manhattan Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Dekalb Market

Nighttime Bazaar @ Dekalb Market

August 21, 2011

Who knew shipping containers could be so fun?

New York certainly does have it all - diverse and amazing food, non-stop nightlife and events, music, progressive art and the country's most creative use of shipping containers. 

In the last few weeks, I witnessed two parties employing these large steel shipping boxes in unique ways. 

The first, was during an event 3rd Ward is partially responsible for, called 'The Palms', which is their  transformation of an old bank building in Long Island City into a summertime "oasis". This oasis runs on the weekends from now until Labor Day. The setup was designed with fake grass, ping pong tables, dj's, $65 water guns, and pools crafted from shipping containers. My friend Susan and I went for a dip in the pool, consumed a few sangria's and people watched. Check out her synopsis here.

The Pools

Another reason I love living in Brooklyn is that there is always something new to see. On a recent bike ride around the neighborhood, I stumbled upon the Dekalb Market. My attention was caught by the  incredibly colorful wall and driveway which sets the stage for what's inside. 

Described as a "New community destination", this area is host to a multifarious food market, artisan retail spaces and has a pretty large event and performance venue in the back lot. This assortment of eateries and spaces are also created out of shipping containers, some of which are painted. I had the most delicious cookies and cream cupcake from the Robicelli's shop for $3.25.

They rotate the flavor offering but I have my eye on the Estelle Getty - Almond cupcake with cheesecake buttercream + crushed imported amaretti cookies! Here are some additional pictures from the space:

Seating Area + Free Wi-Fi

Music Box

Clothing Boutique

Kids Clothing

They also have an incubator farm with a variety of contributors including 3rd Ward!

Have you seen any other interesting uses for shipping containers?

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